Monday, August 2, 2010

Enjoying The Boating Life

I Heart Faces is having a Random Acts Of Kindness link today. This blog is really about my struggles with raising a child with disabilities. A big struggle for us is experiencing and enjoying life as other families do. With the issues of behavior, the inability to wait and lack of formal communication - the ability to go out and have fun and enjoy life has been a challenge.

This past weekend friends invited us to their lake house for relaxation and boating fun. My first response was not to go. My son is obsessed with being on a boat, movement and large bodies of water - I know this sounds weird. The bigest problem it is not so much being on the boat, but getting off the boat when we are finished. Transitioning is not easy for my guy.

The act of kindness came from our friend for spending endless hours on the lake riding us around on his boat. My favorite moment was when he took him on his lap to help steer the boat!

All in all we had a great time. There were a few moment of distress for my son, but the joy he experience for the day was wonderful. I was glad we decided to go. I can't say it was relaxing as I always feel on edge anticipating when it will all fall a part.

Here is what was going on behind the boat.

Hanging on for dear life!