Friday, February 27, 2009

The Beginning - A Journey Of Raising A Child With Disabilities

Today is as good as any to start this blog. Today is Bub's Birthday...not his real name. He was born on Leap Day, 1996 and is 13. I don't know where the time has gone, but it has been a tough road. Life is a little better now because there are not as many medical issues going on with him, but the days can be long and the constant care can be grueling.

He was born 5 weeks early. I had mentioned to the doctor that he wasn't moving as much and she sent me to the hospital for a non stress test. This indicated that something might be wrong and that he should come out. That night I had a c-section and there he was... a little 5lb. 4oz. baby boy. Of course, when they decided to take him out, I'm like "what is today's date?" I was distraught over it being Leap Day. It wouldn't be fair that he only could celebrate his birthday on the actual day every 4 years. Obviously, in the end it didn't matter. He doesn't even know what a birthday is, what presents are, or why we put candles on a cake and sing. His favorite part is watching the smoke rise from the candles as we blow them out for him. This is how you come to find joy in the really simple things in life.

At this time we had no concerns of anything being wrong. It was thought that the issue was with the pregnancy not the baby. We went home from the hospital in a couple of days and went on with life. This is the time when you think your life is complete...things are not always as they seem.