Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am done talking about my son!

I have had and endless week talking about my son. Analyzing every behavior problem he has. Why he does the things he does, what cause the behaviors and how do we stop them. It can be so draining. So here is a week in review.

Monday I met with the psychologist - we decided due to certain OCD behaviors we would raise the Zoloft. This, however, can cause behavior problems - great!

Tuesday we went to feeding therapy - talked about the foods he has been eating, the utensils and food textures.

Wednesday went for a second opinion. I thought we were meeting with a psychologist, but he was just a councilor. He determines if we need to see a doctor (we did) and scheduled us another appointment in June! What did we learn today - we are not alone, behaviors come and go and there is no magic pill.

Thursday - a free day, so I played golf!

Friday - he had a half day of school and a therapist came to my house. We discussed the behaviors of the past week with no solutions.

Saturday - another therapist - and again we discussed the behaviors and went out and worked on community activities.

Thank goodness it is Sunday and I don't have to discuss anything!

Unfortunately, some of these things will repeat week after week. Sometimes I wish we could be left alone. It's exhausting.