Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If Only I Could Fix His Brain

My son loves when I hug him and kiss him on the head. He looks at me with such love in his little face. He is only 4'1" and I am only 5' so it is easy for me to do as I hug him. He is definitely a snugly guy.

I remember when he was much younger...when I would hold him...I would hold his little head in my hands wishing I could fix his brain. If only I could correct what went wrong with his brain as he was developing - he would be okay. He is a beautiful child. Perfect in every way...if only I could fix his brain. We still love him just the way he is!

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog Entertain Exchange and love it! Seeing the paintings of your dad's makes me see that you come by your talents naturally. =) Maybe I love your blog because I also felt it had depth. Finding this blog gives me some more insight to that joy and appreciation that seems to only be found in light of struggles.
Peace my friend,
aka prayerbedes